West Indies Weekender Rope Tote


Whether you’re heading to yoga, the beach, or farmer’s market, this roomy bag has you covered. With sturdy, cotton rope handles and gold grommets for a nautical flair, the Weekender Tote is form and function combined. Pair it with an accessory pouch for extra organization. The pattern is on both sides of the tote with HighBrow Hippie branding on one side only.

Original watercolor art it by NC artist Jessica Yelverton (moi:). Bags are printed, cut & sewn to order by a NC manufacturer. All HighBrow Hippie textiles (pillows, tea towels & bags) are batch ordered on a monthly basis. Orders placed between the 1st & 15th of each month will ship the last week of that month. Any orders placed after the 15th of each month will ship the last week of the following month. Please message me with any questions!


-Double Sided Print

-Poly Poplin

-Cream Cotton Lining

-T-Bottom Design

-Made to order in NC, USA



With bold charcoal outlines, a crisp white background and the clearest greens & yellows, ‘West Indies’ feels like the bright edge of the Caribbean jungle. Whether you’re actually headed for islands in the sun or just running errands, the West Indies Weekender will be a happy, handy accompaniment.

In 1951 my Oma & Opa arrived in St. Lucia
as missionaries. My mother, their youngest, was two. I never knew my grandparents as missionaries; they lived in North Carolina by the time I was born. I just knew they were the best grandparents in the world and some of my absolute favorite people. I probably spent a weird amount of time with them as a child. Given the choice between Oma & Opa’s and just about anything else, I chose Oma and Opa’s. We cooked together, gardened, played the piano, went to the grocery store & watched lots of I Love Lucy- nothing super exciting, just the things children do with their elderly grandparents.
As the years passed, Oma’s memory faded along with Opa’s hearing and sight. Roles shifted & I drove them to the grocery store then cooked while Oma watched. I still spent a weird amount of time with them and they were still some of my favorite people, so not
much had changed.
During those later years I began to reinterpret their black & white photos of St. Lucia in bright watercolors & discovered a love for painting tropical foliage.
Oma and Opa had both passed away by the time I got married. I’d never been to St. Lucia but had seen and painted photos of the church Opa & the St. Lucian men built during their early years on the island. It was where I wanted to get married, & happily, everyone else was very much on board with this plan. It was the next best thing to having Oma & Opa at my wedding.
You’ve probably seen the iconic banana leaf wallpaper patterns from the 1940’s all over magazine covers & Pinterest lately. They’re absolutely stunning &, although my inspiration is almost as old, it runs a bit deeper than the simple resurgence of a Beverly Hills design trend. West Indies is Oma & Opa.

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