Rabbit 1, Watercolor Reproduction


This print is reproduced from an original illustration done with watercolor & charcoal by Jessica Yelverton. Printed on textured watercolor paper, this giclee print looks like an original painting. Each print is hand-signed before being carefully wrapped and shipped to you.

– 5″x7″, 8″x 10″, 11″x14″: Archival giclee print, 100% cotton fiber paper, Acid Free

PRINTED TO ORDER – please allow some time for our printer to create your print. Processing time is typically 4-5 days.



I have a small, raised-bed garden in my backyard where I attempt to grow a few vegetables each summer. It’s an excuse to get outside a little more & nurturing plants somehow nurtures me. It’s also a learning process that I enjoy & I figure by the time I’m too old to go hiking, I’ll have this gardening thing down pat & it will be the outdoor hobby that sees me through old age (I can’t plan for next week but 2070– I got you).

Last spring on Easter morning we looked out the window & saw a very large rabbit just sitting in the corner of my garden for an unusually long time. It felt serendipitous but I didn’t know the half of it then. A couple weeks later I was raking around to get the soil ready for planting when, to my surprise (& terror), I pulled back a tiny body from the edge of the garden. I was so alarmed (& convinced it was a mole) that I didn’t have the courage to revisit the situation until the next morning. . . which was when I discovered the sweetest little nest of BUNNIES – snuggled together tightly & unharmed by my rake. Whew! That large rabbit was so large because she was pregnant– and giving birth that Easter morning! I watched the bunnies closely for days to make sure she was coming back to feed them. She was. And they grew up into teenage bunnies that hopped around our yard for weeks. It was all pretty magical & I started thinking about them again when I saw another nest in my garden (currently empty)! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more bunnies this Easter, but in the meantime, I couldn’t help but put them on paper. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I have!

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