‘Kaleidoscope’ Personalized Stationery Boxed Set/25 Cards (Moths)


In this age of texting & emojis, be that friend who takes the time to send a hand-written note– And do it with sophistication on these pretty, personalized cards! The front of each card features your name & corner embellishments. The back of the card is an art piece featuring a kaleidoscope of moths (you can read about each kind below). The beautifully packaged set also makes a special gift since it arrives in a wooden, branded box, tied with grosgrain ribbon; a true keepsake. Original watercolor designs are by NC artist Jessica Yelverton.

How to order:

  1. After choosing your Pattern, pick your Font from the drop-down menu (options shown in Image Gallery) & Add to Cart.
  2. In the Order Notes (under your shipping address at Checkout) indicate what name you would like printed on the cards & anything else you’d like me to know about the order (if it’s a gift & you want a note from yourself included, etc)
  3. Receive your personalized cards in about a week & write lovely notes to all your friends & family!

***If you have any questions or are unsure of the ordering process just send me a message through the site or at hi@highbrowhippie.net & I’ll walk you through***

What’s included:

-25 flat cards, double-sided print, size 4.5″x5″ (My amazing printer typically throws in 5 extra cards so you’ll likely receive a total of 30 but I can’t guarantee it. If they do, I’ll be sure to match the envelope & liner quantities.)

-25 aquamarine envelope liners which can also be used for additional writing

-25 white envelopes

-Wooden box with HighBrow Hippie branding on lid, tied with ribbon



“Kaleidoscope” is the technical name for a “flock” of butterflies or moths & it’s not hard to see why. The ‘Kaleidoscope’ stationery combines all six moth designs that formed the first HighBrow Hippie artwork collection. The Luna Moth has been fluttering in the recesses of my mind since childhood. I have a vivid memory of seeing one on the side of a red barn when I was 5 or 6. The contrast in colors, the shape of her wings, that almost luminescent yellow-green; it all made quite an impression on my little mind and years later I found myself putting her down in charcoal and watercolor. The collection grew naturally from there. Below is a list & description of each moth portrayed on the back of the Kaleidoscope cards:

Luna Moth [Actias luna]

Serene and graceful, the Luna Moth, for many, is a symbol of love. Her brief, 1-week life span make her a rare sighting in nature.

Ornate Bella Moth [Utetheisa ornatrix]

Considered one of the most beautiful moths, the Bella Moth also distinguishes herself by flying during the day. Beautiful & fearless; “Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come”

Blue Tiger Moth [Dysphania percota]

Watery indigo and inky black ebb and flow across her wings; the bold yet serene colors of the Blue Tiger Moth will make a beautiful splash anywhere you put her.

Hebrew Moth [Polygrammate hebraeicum]

This black and white beauty is both fierce and delicate; her neutral tones are striking in their bold contrast.

Royal Walnut Moth [Citheronia regalis]

With her velvet body and dark terracotta wings, this regal moth certainly deserves her name.

Citrus Fruit Piercer Moth [Gonodonta Nutrix]

Lovely sage & yellow make this unusual moth a warm, earthy addition to the Kaleidoscope collection. As you can probably guess from the name, she can pierce through the thick skin of citrus fruits with her delicate proboscis (tongue).

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