Floriography Card Set


This beautiful Greeting Card Set features all 12 Birth Month Botanicals! These all-occasion cards feature each month’s botanical on the front & explains the Floriography of each on the back. They are blank inside & make wonderful birthday or special occasion cards.

-Set of 12 cards & envelopes

-Size: A2 (4.25″ x 5.5″)

-Crisp white card stock

-Heavy-weight kraft brown envelope

-Blank interior

6 in stock


“Floriography”: the language of flowers

Thousands of years of folklore, mythology & religious tradition have contributed to the meanings we ascribe to flowers today. Floriography peaked in popularity during the Victorian era when, armed with floral dictionaries, gentlemen would send cryptic messages to ladies with specific nosegays or tussie mussies called “talking bouquets”. 

Still today we have a tradition of birth month flowers, the meanings of which are rooted in floriography. Similar to zodiac signs or birthstones, it is believed you inherit the characteristics of the flower assigned to your birth month.


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