‘Auld Lang Syne’ Personalized Stationery Boxed Set (January | Carnations)


In this age of texting & emojis, be that friend who takes the time to send a hand-written note– And do it with sophistication on these pretty, personalized cards! The front of each card features your name & corner embellishments. The back of the card is an art piece featuring red & pink carnations. This set also includes an information card with the meaning & history of Carnations, the birth month flower for January. The beautifully packaged set also makes a special gift since it arrives in a wooden, branded box, tied with grosgrain ribbon; a true keepsake. Original watercolor designs are by NC artist Jessica Yelverton.

How to order:

  1. Choose your design (‘Auld Lang Syne’, ‘Quill’, ‘West, Indies’, etc.)
  2. Choose your Font (options shown in image gallery) & Add to Cart
  3. In the Order Notes (under your shipping address at Checkout) indicate what name you would like printed on the cards & anything else you’d like me to know about the order (if it’s a gift & you want a note from yourself included, etc)
  4. I will layout your cards, e-mail you a proof within 48 hours & await your approval before sending to the printer.
  5. Receive your cards within 2 weeks & write lovely notes to all your friends & family!

What’s included:

-25 flat cards, double-sided print, size 4.5″x5″

-25 aquamarine envelope liners which can also be used for additional writing

-25 white envelopes

-Wooden box with HighBrow Hippie branding on lid, tied with ribbon

-Floriography card specific to your chosen botanical




“Floriography”: the language of flowers

Thousands of years of folklore, mythology & religious tradition have contributed to the meanings we ascribe to flowers today. Floriography peaked in popularity during the Victorian era when, armed with floral dictionaries, gentlemen would send cryptic messages to ladies with specific nosegays or tussie mussies called “talking bouquets”. 

Still today we have a tradition of birth month flowers, the meanings of which are rooted in floriography. Similar to zodiac signs or birthstones, it is believed you inherit the characteristics of the flower assigned to your birth month. 

Carnations are January’s flower & a bright introduction to each new year. Each color carries a different meanings but pink & deep red carnations signify love & gratitude. These hearty blossoms are known as “The Flowers of God” because of their Greek scientific name “Dianthus”; “dios” referring to the god Zeus and “anthos” meaning “flower”.

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