Designer Tips

Choosing & Hanging Artwork

Fun Fact: I work not only as a watercolor artist but as
an interior designer as well. My mom started an interior design business when I was a teenager so I grew up working with her whenever I could. One of the struggles we’ve seen over & over
(& over again) is size choice & placement of artwork. Generally, the temptation is towards too SMALL & too HIGH. So I’m going to give you some quick interior design tips for your
artwork decisions (without the interior designer price tag- you’re welcome ;).

Go Big or Go Home

Here are some general size guidelines: Framed art should take up 57%-75% of the specified wall or 2/3-3/4 the width of the furniture pieces underneath it. Example- a picture over an 80″ wide sofa should be 53″-60″ wide. You can do this with a single piece or with a grouping as shown in this photo. When grouping multiples, space them 4″-6″ apart. When purchasing an unframed piece, subtract 6″-8″ from the overall size (width) you want for the space. Grouping multiples is often more affordable than a single, super large piece.

Go Low

For the love of all that is good, please do not float your artwork halfway between the furniture & the ceiling! There are a couple of principles to help you here:
1. Art should be anchored to the furniture piece below it, as if they are a unit (3″-6″ above a bed or desk, 6″-10″ above a sofa).
2. If there’s nothing below it, the center of the art should be approximately at eye level (57″ish). In some situations you can just rest a large piece directly on, say, a mantel or buffet instead of hanging it. Err on the side of low.


If you want sizing advice for any HighBrow Hippie art, feel free to send me an e-mail with your questions- I’m more than happy to help. Prints are listed on the site up to 16″x20″ but they’re available in much larger sizes as needed- just ask!

— Jessica